TWD: 8 Ways to Beat the Whisperer Horde – The Governor Reacts

In The Walking Dead, the Whisperers have control of a huge horde of walkers (biters) they use to hold over Daryl, Michonne and the communities of Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside to keep them in line. Can Alpha and the Whisperers be defeated? The Governor thinks so.

The Governor Reacts to the Whisperer horde by coming up with a plan to defeat them. In this video, he outlines 8 ways the “heroes” of the Walking Dead can defeat the tens of thousands of Whisperer controlled biters. In the Walking Dead Seaon 10, the Whisperer War is coming and the Governor wonders if they will use these strategies to win. If it was the Governor Vs Alpha, he’d be sure to win.

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