TRANSFORMERS Netflix Scrapface Vs Siege Refrakor – Versus Review

Transformers War For Cybertron hits Netflix soon and Scrapface is a new character for both the show and the toy line! A repaint of Siege Refraktor (a.k.a. Reflector), in this video Captain Kyle will review him and compare him to the original use of the mold. Maybe with a bonus from the Generation Selects line?

Scrapface is an interesting name for a Transformer, particularly a Decepticon. It ranks down there with names like Stinkbomb and Windbreaker. It’s slightly worse than Space Case, too. Why he was given such a name is a mystery. However, Reflector is a very cool toy and mold, and Scrapface, despite the name, is just as cool. Which is cooler? You decide.

If you’d like to find Scrapface, you can:

Go to Walmart stores and look.

Go to Smyths Toys in the UK and look.

Check eBay by clicking here.

You can also get Refraktor on Amazon:

The Generations Select Refraktor is on Amazon here:

Or on eBay: CLICK HERE

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