TRANSFORMERS Defensor Knock Off and CW Legends Groove Review

Combiner Wars Defensor was a great set from that Transformers line. Captain Kyle reviews this knock off version of the toy that includes the Protectobots Hot Spot, Blades, Streetwise, First Aid and Groove (no Rook) for those who missed out on the original toy. Plus, a quick review of Combiner Wars Legends Groove and a surprise Botcon exclusive appearance.

Defensor was introduced in Season 2 of the Transformers Generation One Cartoon series and is the only combiner that was not provided with some kind of origin story. Hot Spot, who becomes a fire truck, Blades, the rescue helicopter, Streetwise, the police car, Groove, the police motorcycle and First Aid, an ambulance… just appeared out of nowhere. They even had their own special base. The Protectobots appeared shortly after the Combaticons joined Megatron’s forces and were obviously meant to maintain the balance of power concerning gestalts. They were active in many stories in Season 3 and, as Defensor, were infected by the hate plague in the Return of Optimus Prime by Superion.

In the comic books they just appeared as well, though it is implied they were created just as the Aerialbots were. They accompanied Optimus Prime in the mission that lead to his video game and subsequent real death, plus they helped hunt down Goldbug and Blaster at the orders of Grimlock.

To get this knock off set, check out this listing here.

Also available in the same listing are Knock Offs of Combiner Wars Devastator and Superion.

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Video Editing by Peyton DeSanta and Kyle Williamson.

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