Thor Takes Over Cosplay Spotlite! – Captain Kyle Special Feature

The Mighty Thor takes over a web talk show, but why does he sound like Stitch? Between the scenes cosplayer craziness!

If you are looking for plot, a point or even for this video to make sense, give up now! While shooting episodes for Season 3 of Cosplay Spotlight with Captain Kyle, a bunch of the cosplayers in attendance just had fun! With “Lava Cosplay” as Thor, featuring appearances by a Riddler, Lex Luthor, Batman, Supergirl, Captain Boomerang and Captain Kyle! Hope you enjoy this weird video as Thor does his best Stitch impression from Lilo and Stitch. Filmed by Missy Trechak.

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"Captain" Kyle Williamson is a cosplayer, actor, writer, fan and author of "The Elements of Cosplay: The Costume and Beyond." You can follow him on Twitter @captainkylepa and Instagram @captainkylephilly.

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