The Walking Dead 9×14 Reaction – "Scars" – The Governor Reacts

The Walking Dead 9×14 gives us the answers we’ve all been waiting for! Even the Governor was waiting! We finally learn about the X scars on Michonne and Daryl and why Michonne has changed her attitude so much! Plus, Henry gets his leg fixed! Sort of. WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE

In this exciting video, the Governor reacts to the story behind the scars and the truly horrific situation Michonne found herself in after running into her old friend Jocelyn. Plus, we catch up a bit with Daryl, Connie, Lydia and Henry… plus there’s some quality Judith time. We even drop in on Negan, who’s still stuck in his cell. But instead of playing with his balls, he’s actually reading. The Governor doesn’t think he has any balls left. Check out the Governor’s commentary and review of this episode.

The footage of The Walking Dead is owned by AMC and used under fair use guidelines.

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