THE WALKING DEAD 10×12 Reaction – The Governor Reacts

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 12, “Walk With Us,” continues the battle at Hilltop as the defenders face a horde and the Whisperers as well. The Governor reacts to the battle, the aftermath and some rather exciting developments. Warning: Spoilers for this episode.

Daryl, Carol, Eugene, Rosita and the rest are fighting a desperate battle against a horde of biters and the Whisperers who unleashed them. We follow the fighters, including a helpful Judith, as they fight to survive. Unfortunately, Hilltop is lost and the survivors must flee. But people will be separated, dangers will abound and a few might not make it. TWD S10E12 shows a deadly fight between Beta and Mary, Earl heroically saving the children, Judith having to grow up too soon and Negan enacting his plan to kill Alpha. And we find out who let him loose.

The Walking Dead 10×12 shows a battle lost, but there are still glimmers of hope. The Governor is happy to see most of them survive, except for Daryl. And next week he’ll be reacting to Michonne, so that will be fun.

The footage of The Walking Dead 10.12 belongs to AMC and is used herein under fair use guidelines.

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