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At Katsucon 2018, a group of cosplayers came together to showcase some amazing costumes. Based on the artwork and designs of Sharon Rose Cosplay, these costumes portrayed the Heroes of the DC Universe as Greek Gods.

(For other cosplay from Katsucon 2018, check out PART ONE and PART TWO of our cosplayer gallery from the event!)

These amazing cosplayers did an incredible job! If you want to follow these amazing creators, check them out:

Huntress / Artemis — Cin’ Von Quinzel –
Power Girl / Hera — Jaycee Cosplay –
Aquaman / Poseidon — @Brooklyn_Rasta (Instagram)
Batman / Hades — @Dan_Scott_Now (Instagram)
Wonder Woman / Athena — Sharon Rose Cosplay –
Superman / Zeus — Kevin D Cosplay –
Hawkgirl / Nike — Mirabella Took Creations –
Starfire / Hestia — Kati Coe –
Cyborg / Hephaestus — Wasteland Creations –
Catwoman / Persephone — NatArchaic Cosplay –
Poison Ivy / Demeter — Ani-Mia –
Black Canary / Aphrodite — Ginny Liz –
Flash / Hermes — T_poolio Cosplay –
Green Arrow / Apollo — C3Cosplay –
Martian Manhunter / Dionysus – DArkHart  –

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