Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Back on Board

Originally announced during Disney’s Investor Day 2020, Star Wars fans were curious about the news that a new original film to be directed by Patty Jenkins was in the works. Jenkins, who is known for films such as Monster and Wonder Woman would be behind Rogue Squadron. The new film would focus on games and books previously in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Rogue Squadron is featured in the comic book series Star Wars: X-wing Rogue Squadron, the ten-volume novel series Star Wars: X-wing, and the Rogue Squadron video game series.  The book focuses on the creation of a new starfighter squadron by legendary Rebel Alliance pilot Wedge Antilles, the early development of the squadron, and their relationships. The unit is depicted as consisting of “the best pilots and the best fighters. Denis Lawson plays Antilles in the original Star Wars trilogy and The Rise of Skywalker so there is speculation he will reprise the role in the new film.

Much hasn’t been updated about the project with the exception of screenwriter Matthew Robinson joining the film’s production earlier in 2021.  Sources such as The Hollywood Reporter reporter discussed the film may be delayed to Jenkins’ schedule with multiple films. Jenkins was set to direct Cleopatra starring Gal Gadot but has now stepped down from the film in order to focus on Rogue Squadron and Wonder Woman 3.

As previously reported, the movie won’t be able to make its originally planned 2022 production window, but at least it is back in the works and hopefully, we’ll get a release date and more updated information soon.

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