RPG A Day 2021 Day 1: Scenario

Welcome all, today is the first day of the 8th year of RPG A Day, an annual celebration of all things tabletop RPGs! The scenario is this: each day is a new topic, and everyone shares a story or idea related to the topic!


This year there are additional rules and I’m not going to lie, this scenario seems fun!

Firstly, I want to share a scenario I’ve run in the past, one of my favorites! The games Witchcraft and Armageddon from Eden Studios are modern occult settings. The stories involve mad gods trying to infiltrate our world, and the gods, angels, and mortals that try to stop them. This leads to amazing adventures and magical mayhem!

The Job

One scenario I ran was titled “How The Church Stole Christmas.” The adversary in the game is known as the Church of Revelations, a cult dedicated to the mad god Leviathan. They hope to give Leviathan an entrance to our world via people devoting their hopes to Leviathan.

So, one Christmas in order to reduce hope across the world, what does the church do? They kidnap Santa Claus.

The team had to infiltrate a Church base, rescue Santa, and get him to safety in time to make some miracles! The team did it, pretty easily actually. One of the team was a former hitman who sought enlightenment and became a monk. He unlocked the ability to become a spirit walker, strolled right up to Santa, turned corporeal again, and teleported out with old Saint Nick!

I ended the game with well-earned gifts for the team. Magic staves, an enchanted gun, and even a new car for one of the team members.

To this day, this scenario is one of the crowning achievements of my nearly 25 years of gaming.

What’s Next?

What about you? What are some of your favorite scenarios in tabletop gaming? Whether at the table or otherwise!

Check back here tomorrow for the next installment!

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