Orville Kelly Grayson Costume Review

In this video, Maeden reviews the Orville Kelly Grayson costume from SkyCostume.com. Plus she reviews a bonus prop to enhance your cosplay!

Commander Kelly Grayson of the Orville is a great character and with this costume, you can show your love of this science fiction epic at conventions, events or even at the grocery store. Maeden describes the fit of the uniform, the materials used and recommends footwear to complete the look. This video is the first of two, as we will be reviewing the Captain Ed Mercer costume very soon. Subscribe to be notified when we post it! As a bonus, at the end of this video, Maeden will review a Dermal Regenerator prop that you can add to your cosplay.

To see this costume on SkyCostume.com:

For the Dermal Regenerator prop, visit:

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Mae Milam

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