Orville Captain Ed Mercer Costume Review

In this video, Captain Kyle reviews the Captain Ed Mercer costume from SkyCostume.com, from Fox’s The Orville! Plus he reviews a bonus prop to enhance your cosplay… and another bonus as well!

Ed Mercer is the irreverent captain of The Orville and he deals with alien life forms, hostiles, diplomacy and his ex-wife is his own unique way. With this costume, you can take on the same adventures, though the life forms you deal with are likely other cosplayers. Captain Kyle talks about the costume in detail and suggests footwear for this cosplay too. At the end, he will also review a bonus prop, the blaster, which is made by Northern Printed Props and really adds to the overall look. Plus there is a bonus item that comes with the blaster, which he will discuss as well.

To see this costume on SkyCostume.com:

For the Blaster prop, visit:
Use Coupon Code FANDOM for 15% the Orville blaster, finished or unfinished, plus receive a FREE orange tip on the finished blaster and an extra tip you can paint orange (or whatever color you want) for the unfinished piece.

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