Mysterious and Magical Mixology – Boozy Cauldron Tour Hits Texas!

Witches and wizards, class is in session. In a brew kind of warp tour, a magical classroom of mixing proportions is coming to Houston! This magical traveling tour wanders through such major cities as Charleston, SC, Jacksonville, FL, and Charlotte, NC. However, from March 17th through the 19th, their magical pop-up will hit the energy city.

The Boozy Cauldron Tour

The Boozy Cauldron is a pop-up cocktail show for ages 21+, where you enjoy four magical concoctions, learn how to brew them, and enjoy an evening of magical mystery. Led by Professor Dolohov Draven. This immersive cocktail experience will provide you with memories no ancient artifact could erase. Check out a little teaser of the experience!

You’ll get to enjoy not only the drinks themselves but the storied lore behind each one! The class will be led by wizards of the mixological arts, crafting potent potables for refined rapscallions.

You can get your tickets for the Houston show at Feverup, and run $55 per person! But don’t worry Texas, if you can’t make the Houston show, they’ll be in Austin from March 24th to April 2nd, Dallas from April 7th-9th, and San Antonio from April 15th-17th! Grab your tickets while you can, you don’t want to be late for class!

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