Mercy (Overwatch) – Cosplay Spotlite with Captain Kyle S03E07

From the game Overwatch, meet Mercy, the team member who everyone relies on but no one helps! Plus get to know the cosplayer behind this amazing costume on this episode of Cosplay Spotlite with Captain Kyle!

As a member of Overwatch, Angela Ziegler, callsign Mercy, helps her team fight the evil forces of Talon and quell the Omnic Uprising. With her Caduceus Staff and Blaster, she heals and boosts her team members on campaign. Learn about how she is confident Overwatch will continue its protective mission far into the future. Then meet Peypocalypse Cosplay, the talent behind this costume and character portrayal. She describes how she made the costume and other costumes she wears. And obviously is a fan of the video game Overwatch.

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