Harley Quinn – Cosplay Spotlite with Captain Kyle S03E05

Meet Harley Quinn, a criminal who has been romantically involved with The Joker and Poison Ivy… and not a big fan of the Batman! In this episode, she discusses her two careers and lines she won’t cross!

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In the fifth episode of Cosplay Spotlite with Captain Kyle Season 3, we have one of the more colorful and popular characters from Batman’s rogue gallery. Dr. Harleen Quinzel left her practice to practice crime with the Clown Prince himself! Meet the legend, then meet the cosplayer who portrays this fantastic villain, Amy Shapiro! Our cosplayer will tell you all about the costume, the makeup and more!

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"Captain" Kyle Williamson is a cosplayer, actor, writer, fan and author of "The Elements of Cosplay: The Costume and Beyond." You can follow him on Twitter @captainkylepa and Instagram @captainkylephilly.

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