FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 5×16 Reaction – The Governor Reacts

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16, “End of the Line,” is the season finale and pits the do-gooder squad against Ginny and her army of goons. Morgan, Alicia, Althea, Daniel, Dwight, John, June… they all desperately try to keep their people together and defeat Virginia. The Governor reacts to this season ender and shakes his head as usual. WARNING: Spoilers for this episode.

FTWD S05E16 also teases that Sherry is still out there and Victor Strand is shown to still have some pretty bad judgment. Of course, the whole group has bad judgment as they squander a plan that could have saved them and then decide painting and weddings are the way to go. And it looks like there may be a major character death, but we won’t know until next season. To say the Governor is a bit disappointed in the cliffhanger and situation the group finds themselves in would be an understatement. Be sure to watch the review of the episode after the reaction. Words are said.

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Footage from Fear the Walking Dead 5×16, “End of the Line,” is copyright AMC and used under fair use guidelines.

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