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Booette / Boosette is a popular fan made character from the world of Mario Brothers and we have the costume! Check out this version with Peypocalypse as she checks it out in her own unique style! See her own Boosette, the ghostly mix of Boo and Princess Peach.

This Boosette (or Booette or Princess King Boo or PeachyBoo) costume was provided to us by for review purposes, but this won’t stop Peypocalypse from showing you every detail. Also provided was the wig, which was not made for this character, but served (just barely) well enough for this review. Get the full story on the costume!

If you would like to purchase it, you can find it on the website:
You can also find the wig and many other costumes!

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Peyton is an experianced model and cosplayer. She specializes in foam smithing and rigging things together on a tight budget. She's been video editing for 10 years and aspires to work on music videos and documentaries. The loves of her life are her pet rats who she's considered making young cosplayers.

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