Back to the Future – Are you a Genius or a Slacker? Find OUT!

Do you know enough to go Back in Time? Does your Power of Love extend to Back to the Future? Find out now!


Whose farm does Marty crash into?

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His visit changes the name of the mall in the future.

What movie is playing at the theater when Marty arrives in 1955?

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Cattle Queen of Montana is a real movie released in 1954 about a year earlier. Guess it had a long run.

What brand of dog food does Doc feed Einstein?

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Kal-Kan is the brand, though Einstein isn't home to enjoy it.

What is Lorraine’s maiden name?

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Indeed, she was Lorraine Baines, later Lorraine Baines McFly.

What time does lightning strike the clocktower?

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It was on the flier Marty received in 1985.

What does Lorraine think Marty's name is?

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It was written on his underwear.

What is the name of Marty’s band?

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They were too darn loud for the Battle of the Bands.

Who was the first actor cast as Marty McFly?

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They actually began shooting with Eric Stolz, but had to reshoot some scenes with Michael J. Fox later.

How many Gigawatts does it take to power the flux capacitor?

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The same amount as in a bolt of lightning.

What movie is playing at the theater when Marty returns to 1985?

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Orgy American Style was released in 1973. A classic!

Back to the Future Quiz
You're a Butthead!

You really need to go back and rewatch the movie. Several times.
You're a Slacker!

You have only a passing familiarity with this movie. Better watch again if you don't want to be a slacker all your life.
Bright Future

Remember, you can do anything if you put your mind to it!
You're a BTTF Genius!

You're deserving of all the honors! Great job! Now go build a train or something!

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