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The Walking Dead just aired the last episode (10×13 “What We Become”) featuring Michonne and during it, showed an alternate history for the sword swinging back stabber. However, as this was a product of Michonne’s mind, it might not be how things would have panned out in The Walking Dead universe. The Governor discusses 5 changes in the TWD universe if Michonne has chosen a different path in this special episode of The Governor Reacts. WARNING: Some spoilers for various episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Michonne has been an integral part of the group since she joined Rick’s crew at the Prison in Season 3. But what if she hadn’t? What if she decided to walk away instead of helping Andrea fight off those biters? The episode “What We Become” showed a possible journey for Michonne. However, the Governor details 5 changes to the TWD universe that would be much more likely if Michonne didn’t become part of Rick’s group.

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