Twisted Toonz ROCKY IV Panel – Keystone Comic Con 2019

Join Jeremy Shada, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Fred Tatasciore, Jennifer Hale and Steve Blum M as they voice the characters of Rocky IV in this Twisted Toonz interpretation! With characters such as Finn from Adventure Time, the Hulk, Dory, Cinderella, Wolverine, Bernie Sanders, Spike from Cowboy Beebop and many more, it’s a fun time!

Rocky IV was the last of the original Rocky movies, pitting East against West, the United States vs. Russia in this tale of boxing and politics. The cast of Twisted Toonz reads and improvs their way through the story, with hilarious results.

Filmed at Keystone Comic Con 2019 in Philadelphia. To find out more about this convention, visit

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