TWD OFFICIAL Season 10B Trailer Reaction – The Governor Reacts

The Walking Dead Official Season 10B Trailer is out and the Governor Reacts to it! This reaction is to a trailer that is not very different from that given at the end of TWD Season 10 Episode 8. But the Governor is giving you his take on it anyways.

Official Trailer:
Teaser at the end of Season 10A:

In this trailer we see Negan with Alpha and the Whisperers and he’s about to spill the beans on who the traitor is. We see the cave where we left our intrepid idiots in the midseason finale and get a few glimpses of the coming horrific war. And the horrific potential kiss between Eugene and Rosita.

The Walking Dead returns February 23rd, 2020. The Governor will react to those episodes. Also, check out his new series, The Governor Reflects, as he reacts to previous seasons of the Walking Dead, starting with TWD Season One. For Patrons only, visit to show your support and get access to this new series. New episodes every 2 weeks.

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