TWD Chandler Riggs Panel – Wizard World Cleveland 2020

From The Walking Dead and A Million Little Things, Chandler Riggs visited Wizard World Cleveland 2020 and gave a panel discussing his time on TWD, his new role on A Million Little Things and growing up on the set of a TV show. He also answered fan questions and spoke about his love of music.

Chandler Riggs is well known to fans of The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes, the son of Rick who tragically was killed off on the show. In this panel he talks about getting the role and playing the part while trying to have a normal life with his friends at school.

His new role as PJ Nelson on A Million Little Things is a far different experience than his TWD days. He speaks about the differences and what is not all that different as well. Plus he spoke of the fun he had with the Robot Chicken TWD Special.

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