TRANSFORMERS TR Wolfwire Versus Botcon Weirdwolf – Review

It’s Titans Return’s Wolfwire versus the Botcon 2007 Weirdwolf exclusive is this Versus Review! These Transformers will be compared regarding articulation, accessories and overall quality. You decide which version of Weirdwolf is the best!

The Botcon exclusive Weirdwolf was released in 2007 in a bagged two pack with Alpha Trion. He is a repaint of the Cybertron series character Snarl, who became a wolf and should not be confused with the Dinobot of the same name. This toy is not a Headmaster.

The Titans Return figure of Wolfwire, which is obviously Weirdwolf renamed due to some kind of trademark issue, is closer in coloration to the original toy. It is a Headmaster and comes with two weapons. Monzo, the Headmaster pilot, has about the same level of articulation as the original G1 version.

Both are great figures and you get to decide which is better!

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Find the Botcon Weirdwolf on eBay by clicking this link: Botcon Weirdwolf on eBay

For the G1 version, click here: G1 Weirdwolf on eBay

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