TRANSFORMERS Superion Knock Off (Combiner Wars) Review

The Aerialbots form Superion and were introduced in the Transformers cartoon in the latter half of season 2. Combiner Wars reimagined many of the original combiners from G1 and this knock off is spot on for those who missed out! Captain Kyle reviews this knock off Transformer, called Taikongzhans, to go over the good, the bad and the weird. (Alpha Bravo? Cool Become Brave?)

The original Aerialbots, a subgroup of the Heroic Autobots, was comprised of 5 team members. Silverbolt was the leader and Fireflight, Air Raid, Skydive and Slingshot were his sometimes-problematic teammates. They could merge into Superion, a mighty warrior. They were built in response to the Stunticons and faced off against Menasor. Alpha Trion sacrificed himself to create them, but later Superion would save Alpha Trion. Long story. In Combiner Wars, they replaced Slingshot with Alpha Bravo, a helicopter, and renamed Fireflight to Firefly. This knock off set comes with Alpha Bravo and not the later released Quickslinger, which was basically Slingshot renamed, probably for trademark purposes. It does not come with Powerglide, though the link provided does include him if you choose to get a knock off set of your own.

To get a knock off set of your own, check out this listing.

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