Transformers MENASOR Stunticon Gift Set KNOCK OFF Review

The Transformers 2nd season introduced the Stunticons, a group of Decepticon ground vehicles that fought for Megatron and merged into Menasor. With one semi-trailer truck and 4 cars, this group was a menace to the Autobots for… about two episodes.

The Stunticons were one of the first sets of gestalts / combining robots to use the head post to merge smaller Transformers with a larger, central one. While Devastator was the first combiner robot, Menasor, Superion, Defensor and Bruticus were introduced in late season two and had interchangeable limbs. This knock off gift set is a close replica of the original, often thought of as a third-party reissue, though it does have some quality issues. Captain Kyle reviews it thoroughly and goes over the good, bad and the less than stellar.

To see this fake reissue item on eBay, click this link:

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