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The Transformers Kiss Cassettes were part of a Japanese Exclusive line of Kiss Player Transformers that featured Binaltech/Alternator Transformers teamed with cute and somewhat risqué anime girls. Through their kisses and the power of love, they energized their Transformer partners in a special way.

The Kiss Player Cassettes were a three pack that did not include any anime girl partners, though the packaging artwork depicted them kissing two of the cassettes. The three consisted of Rosanna, a female Autobot cassette who could both sing AND dance; Glit, a Decepticon Medic with a tendency to treat any hurt Transformer regardless of faction and Sundor, a powerful Autobot who used to be a Decepticon but is really still a Decepticon pretending to be an Autobot. It’s confusing.

These are not the easiest items to find, as they were an e-Hobby exclusive and released quite some time ago. If you’d like to try to find them on eBay, use this link to search:

Transformers are a registered trademark of Hasbro. Kiss Players were created and marketed by Takara.

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