The Walking Dead 9×12 Reaction – "Guardians" – The Governor Reacts

In The Walking Dead, Season 9, Episode 12, “Guardians,” we catch up with Alpha, Negan, Michonne, Henry and meet the formidable Beta. As Henry’s quest to save Lydia continues, the Governor reacts to all of it. Including the love quadrangle featuring Rosita, Gabriel, Siddiq and Eugene.

In the last episode we met Alpha as she came to claim Lydia back from the Hilltop. Henry objected and after the trade was made to return Alden and Luke, went off to rescue his crush. Daryl and Connie followed. In this episode we meet Beta, who is not impressed with Henry’s little stick. The Governor comments on all of it, including the parts where we check in with Alexandria, where Negan is back in his cell and Michonne rules with an iron… um, sorry, vibranium fist. You want to see all the show downs, especially the one between Judith and Michonne.

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