THE WALKING DEAD 10×11 Reaction – The Governor Reacts

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 11, “Morning Star,” was not about fake breakfast meat. It was all about the Whisperers targeting Hilltop with the Horde. The Governor reacts to Alpha, Negan and his new mask, Aaron, Earl, Daryl, Lydia, Judith and Mary as the conflict begins! Check out the snarky reaction to the Whisperer War. Warning: Spoilers for this episode.

In addition to the Whisperers attack, TWD S10E11 also shows Eugene and his long-distance relationship with Stephanie, which is put to the test by Rosita. In more ways than one. Carol also finds out about King Ezekiel’s sickness and helps him with a course of treatment that might put a sparkle in his eye.

This season of the Walking Dead continues to escalate the conflict between the communities and the Whisperers. Is Negan drinking the Kool-Aid or does he have a plan for Alpha? Will Eugene meet his Commonwealth sweetheart? With the best episodes for quite some time, Season 10 brings it.

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