THE FLASH & GOTHAM Villains Panel – Wizard World Austin 2019

Teddy Sears and Drew Powell played DC villains in The Flash and Gotham respectively. Teddy Sears played the evil speedster Zoom while Drew Powell’s character Butch became the super strong Solomon Grundy. In this Wizard World Austin 2019 panel, they talk about working on comic book based shows, their experiences and answer fan questions.

Teddy Sears played Hunter Zolomon, also known as Zoom, though his character first pretended to be Jay Garrick, The Flash. Teddy is also known for his work on 24: Legacy, The Politician, American Horror Story, Chicago Fire and more.

Drew Powell’s character Butch on Gotham was eventually transformed into the zombie strong villain Solomon Grundy before facing his end at the hands of the Penguin. He is also known for his roles in Straw Dogs, The Mentalist, Ray Donovan and Twisted.

These two talented actors discuss working on television shows that were based on comic books with a rich history and large fanbase. They give a glimpse into the world behind the scenes of some of your favorite superhero genre shows.

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