The End? – The Mandalorian Chapter 16 Recap

WARNING!!!! Spoilers Ahead!!


The final adventure begins with Slave I in hot pursuit of an Imperial Shuttle. Inside is the precious cargo of Dr. Pershings, the scientist whose been taking blood samples and running tests on the Child for Moff Gideon. Boba fires an ion canon at the shuttle, completely dismantling all its power. Papa Mando boards the shuttle with Cara Dune. A verbal exchange between Dune and the officer looking to protect Dr. Pershing happens. The officer speaks of the millions of lives lost on both Death Stars, and that the destruction of Alderaan is meaningless compared to that. Dune has heard enough, and she blasts him in the head.

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Next, we see Slave I enter an industrial planet, possibly Lothal judging by the visible smokestacks. Into another cantina, Boba and Din Djarin go where the eyes of Aqualish and Rodians are upon them. They spot Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves and approach them. Immediate animosity is felt between Boba Fett and the other Mandalorians. Koska and Boba get into a fight and toss each other around a little bit. Mando requires their help to rescue the Child. Katan just wants the Darksaber. A deal is made, and a plan is set in motion. Fennec, Boba, Bo-Katan, Cara, Koska, and Din set out to find Moff Gideon’s cruiser, rescue Grogu, and take back the Darksaber.

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They devise a plan with the shuttle they just acquired. As they come out of hyperdrive, Slave I is giving pursuit and firing all around them. The Imperial Cruiser is in sight when Bo-Katan calls in a distress call and they are coming in hot. Moff Gideon deploys Tie Fighters immediately to go defend the shuttle coming in. The action continues as they land. Dune, Katan, Shand, and Reeves jump out with Papa Mando. The ladies clear the way to the bridge as Papa Mando goes off to find the cell his boy is in. Bo-Katan states that she wants Moff Gideon to herself and makes it clear to everyone. Gideon is hers!

The ladies really have no problems as they lay waste to every single Stormtrooper in their way. Mando manages to sneak around the ship with no issue only to encounter the activation of the Dark Troopers- the android super soldiers that almost no one can stand up to. He sees a chance to close them in the airlock and send them out to deep space. As the door is closing on the droid soldiers, one makes it through and a battle between the Dark Trooper and the Mandalorian begins. It is not an easy fight for our hero, but he can decapitate the Darktrooper and make it back in time to hit the switch that opens the airlock and sends his enemies packing.

When Bo-Katan and her crew clear the way to the bridge, they notice that Moff Gideon is not there. I will give you one guess where he is. After taking out regular Stormtroopers guarding the cell,  Papa Mando opens it up to find you know who. He has the Darksaber out and he is hovering it above the Childs’s head. Great dialogue is exchanged between the two, and it seems that Gideon is eager to rerun the Child. Papa Mando falls for it of course and a fight quickly begins for the Child. Beskar is the only material the Darksaber cannot cut through. Mando knows this and uses it to his advantage to overtake the bad man who stole The Child. Gideon’s skills are impressive but ultimately not impressive enough for Papa Mando.

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Back to the bridge we go. The warriors who had cleared the path wait for the Mandalorian to arrive. He pushes Gideon in cuffs into the room and onto the floor. Bo-Katan is visibly unhappy. That is when Moff Gideon reveals that she cannot just take the Darksaber from Din; she must fight him for it and that is why she wanted Moff Gideon all for herself. For whoever wields the Darksaber can lay claim to the throne of Mandalore and be the Mand’alor.

Papa Mando tries to simply yield the saber to her, but she will not take it. The alarms go off and alert everyone on board that the Darktroopers have found their way back onto the ship and they are quickly spreading out and heading to the bridge. It is a small platoon, and they move fast. The blast doors on the bridge are closed and Moff Gideon makes more threats on their lives and even tries to blast his way out and kill Grogu while in handcuffs. 

The Troopers get to the door and start pounding away. The door begins to dent and collapse under the pounding fists of the Dark Troopers. It seems like they will break through but then another alert goes off. An X-Wing fighter is approaching and boards the ship. Our heroes stuck on the bridge with the bad guy are not impressed or relieved by the sight of it.  They see on CCTVs the pilot gets out, A dark hooded figure. Then a lightsaber is seen, and the visitor is tearing through the Dark Troopers easily. There is something so familiar about this Jedi’s moves and the color of the Saber is green. Then you see his hand. The fake one. The one we all know that makes this Jedi identifiable. He clears out the  Dark Troopers. Papa Mando asks for the blast doors to be opened and the Jedi steps in and reveals himself. OMG! IT’S LUKE SKYWALKER! The mission is over. Papa Mando has fulfilled his duty. This Jedi is the one. He will take Grogu and train him. He also brought his friend with him. IT’S R-2! The final goodbye must take place and Papa Mando takes off his helmet to show the Child his face for the first and maybe last time. The emotions run high. The Child touches Din’s face one last time before walking over to Luke and raising his arms in that cute way he does. Luke and R-2 are now in the care of the Child and of course, before he leaves, he wishes them all the best the only way a Jedi knows how. “May the Force Be With You” and the door shuts and our two-season adventure comes to a fitting end.


We arrive back on Tatooine at the Hutt Castle. We see Bib Fortuna surrounded by servants, soldiers, and a slave. It seems obvious he jumped into Jabba’s throne once he was taken out. Shots rain down from the steps above. Blaster fire takes out just about everyone but the slave and Fortuna. Fennec reveals herself and blasts the chain, freeing the slave. Then Boba Fett appears, and Bib Fortuna starts to run his mouth to save his pathetic life. Boba wants no parts of it as he just blasts him dead, shoves him out of his throne and takes his place! Who knows where they go from here? We’ll have to wait for The Book of Boba Fett to find out!


The final episode is by far one of the most emotional pieces of TV I watched this year. When Luke Skywalker reveals himself, I let out an audible squeal. When Papa Mando took off his helmet for the Child to see him one final time, for the first time. My eyes were flooded and there was nothing to stop the tears from flowing. The Dark Troopers were terrifying and epic. I do look forward to seeing them used more in the future. But the final walk up to R-2 and Luke the Child did kill me inside and then I died one more time when the Child held his arms up to be scooped up by Luke. Where do they go from here? I do not know. Is Din Djarin’s adventure over? Will we ever see the Child again? What will Boba Fett do with Fennec on Tatooine? These are questions we all want to be answered. I for one look forward to the surprises still to come. I will be steering clear of any reveals about future episodes until they air.

I enjoy going into each chapter not knowing what to expect. I do know that they now have their work cut out for them and a lot to live up to. That means you, Jon Favreau. You created this world and gave us something new to enjoy. Can you keep up the hype? I certainly hope you keep creating great stories with the new and old characters for old and new fans to enjoy. I am already counting down the days to Christmas 2021 and the premiere of Season 3 of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian Chapter 16: The Rescue – 5 out of 5 Stars

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