Terrificon 2021 Cosplay Photo Gallery

Here’s some of our favorite cosplay from Terrificon, held July 30-August 1 at the Mohegan Sun Resort. 

Click on any image to show full size. You can scroll through them using the buttons on either side of the photo, or your keyboard’s arrow keys. Right-click to download, or long-press on mobile devices. 

Please tag credit to @Maeden.Photog / @FandomSpotlite 

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NOTE: Photos may not be in chronological order. If we took your photo, you will find it here. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the gallery for more pages. 

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These photos are free as-is for sharing on social media. If you’d like to use these photos for commercial purposes, alter them, or get the unwatermarked versions, please contact mae@fandomspotlite.com to purchase usage rights. 

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