TEEN WOLF Reunion Panel – Wizard World Cleveland 2020

Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan Sprayberry, Ian Bohen and Khylin Rambo gave a Teen Wolf reunion panel at Wizard World Cleveland 2020 and spoke about their experiences with the show and answered fan questions.

Tyler Hoechlin played Derek Hale on Teen Wolf, but has also appeared in Road to Perdition and portrays Clark Kent and Superman in the Arrowverse, starting on Supergirl, the Elseworlds and Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover events and will be appearing in the new Superman and Lois show. He was also on 7th Heaven way back in the day.

Dylan Sprayberry was Liam Dunbar on Teen Wolf, but also appeared in Man of Steel as Clark Kent and Light as a Feather as Henry Richmond.

Ian Bohen was Peter Hale in Teen Wolf, but has also portrayed Ryan in Yellowstone and Edwin Stillwell in Chicago P.D.

Khylin Rhambo was Mason Hewitt in Teen Wolf, but has also appeared in The First Family as Charles Johnson and Ender’s Game.

Teen Wolf ran for six seasons and was a wildly popular reboot loosely based on the Michael J. Fox movie of the same name.

To find out more about Wizard World, visit https://www.wizardworld.com

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