Stream & Shout: The Best Horror Films/Shows on Hulu

It’s the most Spooktacular time of the year, where we are looking to snuggle up and be scared! There are so many streaming services out there, it’s probably safe to say you’re subscribed to a few of them. When there are so many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming. Stream & Shout is your helpful guide to finding the very best horror in films and series.

Today we are focusing on Hulu

Monsterland – Series

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Monsterland is an anthology series, meaning each episode is an individual story not connecting to the rest. However, in Monsterland, there are two exceptions. The genius behind this series is that it challenges us to think about what monsters really are. Are monsters demons, body snatchers, or zombies? Or are they rapists, the president, or family? No matter what you decide the evil is in this series, they are all terrifying.

Books of Blood – Film

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Keeping with the theme of anthologies, Books of Blood is the film adaption of the popular book series of the same name. The film has caused a stir among film critics and horror fans. Similar to Monsterland, Books of Blood is about challenging our ideas about evil and what constitutes something or someone as evil. This horror is more story-driven but there is a fair share of frights. A film so divisive is definitely worth a watch.

What We Do In The Shadows – Series

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What We Do In The Shadows is more comedy than it is horror but it a must-watch. The show follows four vampires and one familiar through their daily lives. This series is off-the-walls funny as it takes what we know about vampires and turns it on its head. WWDITS also includes episodes about witches, werewolves, Van Helsing, and even creepy dolls. The use of practical effects is often terrifying while adding to the comedy. We recommend watching an episode after watching something really scary. You know…to keep nightmares away.

The Wretched – Film

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The Wretched will satisfy hardcore horror fans and terrorize horror noobs. The film follows a teenage boy going through a difficult time in his life. Things get a lot more difficult when he finds himself against a 1000-year-old witch. The Wretched has it all: gore, suspense, scares, and a bone-chilling witch.

Light as a Feather – Series

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Light as a Feather is a mixture of The Craft and Final Destination. This series follows a group of high school teens who played the game Light as a Feather. The game predicts the way they will die and then kids start dying…exactly like the game said. The deaths are gruesome! Now recognizing the game is real, they try to find a way to stop it. However, the solution is not great. You’ll want to watch for the horror but will stay for the mystery.

The Addams Family – Film

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Spooky season isn’t just for us grown-ups, kids love this time of year too! The Addams Family is an excellent film for young kids and adults. The film finds the Addams Family moving into a new town and trying to adjust to a new way of life. Sadly, they face judgment and stigma due to how they look. The monsters in this movie are the people. The film is positively kooky and a little bit spooky but it has a great message that not everything different is bad.

Hellsing – Series

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Hellsing is an anime series that follows Alucard, a vampire, and Sera Victoria, a former police officer. The pair must investigate why there has been a rise in cases involving the undead. They discover a plot involving the Nazis, the Vatican, and the British Royal family. Hellsing may be an anime but it goes there when it comes to graphic horror. Alucard himself is equal parts charming and mortifying. Hellsing strips away our notion of vampires being fetishized and reminds us that they are monsters!

Pure – Film

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Into the Dark: Pure is a film about several teen girls who go into the woods and perform a secret ritual. Think of it as “Goody Proctor and her friends really did dance with the devil.” These ladies unleashed a dangerous demon and must deal with the consequences of that. Just like in the Crucible, are the girls to blame, or are their fathers to blame? Pure masters the use of suspense and mystery to tell a compelling coming of age story.

That completes this edition of Stream & Shout: Hulu. Have you seen any of our picks? Something we should have added? Let us know in the comments or online. 

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