STAR WARS The CHILD from the Mandalorian Animatronic Toy Review

STAR WARS The CHILD from the Mandalorian Animatronic Toy Review

The Child, now revealed to be Grogu, from the Mandalorian Star Wars series continues to be a popular character, even with his eating habits. This animatronic edition of the little force user can talk, blink, move and freak out your pets and in this video, we review him! It has over 25+ sounds and movements!

To get your own Star Wars The Child (sounds wrong) Animatronic Edition, follow this link:

If he sells out and you need to check him out on eBay, go to – you can try here anyways because you might be able to get a deal on one.

Grogu is the name supplied by Ahsoka Tano to the Mandalorian as his name and he responds to it, so it’s probably the case. As he continues his quest to reunited The Child with the Jedi, Din Djarin has encountered characters we haven’t seen since The Clone Wars and Rebels. And this Child is making a lot of noise about it.

Captain Kyle demonstrates The Child and polls his cats to get their reactions as well.

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