STAR TREK Tribbles – Adopt One Today! Geeky Business Spotlite!

Tribbles in Star Trek are one of the cutest and hungriest life forms in the Federation! In this video, learn how you can adopt a tribble and give it a loving home! Molly Hutt, the founder of Adopt a Tribble, will give you the inside scoop on these furry companions!

Molly has turned her nerdy fandom into a business and in this video she’ll tell you what she does and how she came to be the owner and adoption broker for so many tribbles! These tribbles and her other Trek related items like mugs, pins, stickers and apparel are perfect gifts for the holiday season!

Visit her website and check out her tribbles and other Star Trek related merchandise at – And use coupon code FANSPOT10 to get 10% off your order!

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Mae Vanders

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