Star Trek Discovery – Styled by BenaeQuee Creations

Today, we’re spotlighting the work of Kristin AKA BenaeQuee Creations, an incredibly talented cosplayer and artist. 

This gallery features her custom Star Trek Discovery skant-style uniform, a project totaling over 60 hours of work. Be sure to head to the next page(s) for her photos detailing the process of making this one of a kind costume, and the stunning Discovery purses and bags which are available for custom order through her Etsy shop, where you can find “fashionably geek handbags and wallets for everyone!” 

We want to thank Kristin for sharing her work with us, and admire how much dedication and love went into these projects. 

Click on any image to show full size. You can scroll through them using the buttons on either side of the photo, or your keyboard’s arrow keys. 

Photos too long for some social media? Use this app to make them square without harsh white borders! (not sponsored) 

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Email mae@fandomspotlite or message @MaedenCosplay to book a shoot.

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