STAR TREK DISCOVERY 2×11 Reaction Live Stream – Q Reacts

Q Reacts to Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Episode 11 – “Perpetual Infinity.” He will pass judgment on this episode, which features Michael Burnham’s reunion with her mother, who was thought dead but is now the Red Angel. Apparently the ship is also in danger and Captain Pike must deal with that along with the over-dramatic mutterings of Burnham, along with Tilly, Saru, Tyler and the rest.

Star Trek Discovery is one of the most loved and hated Star Trek series in a long time. Fans are rabid with their praise and detractors range from those concerned about continuity to those who fear the show will corrupt their lives beyond recognition. Q advises them all that… it’s a show. Love it, hate it, but at the end of your Earth day, it’s not going to make a difference in your life unless you have a serious problem. In which case you need to seek the help of a mental professional.

Q will again pass judgment on this episode and the antics of Burnham, Pike, Tilly and all the rest. After which he will go on with his immortal existence, unconcerned with petty humans and what they call entertainment.

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