RPG A Day 3: Tactic / Support

Session Notes

We’ve been having a little fun for the past two days, but let’s get a little more supportive. We’re going to play healer and buff roles today and show a little love to the community!


Today’s going to be for gushing about our community. The Tabletop RPG community is an extremely supportive one. While there are always bad apples within gaming, for the most part, has been a source of strength and support. For the most part, my gaming groups have been a close-knit circle of friends who’ve been there for each other. From just blowing off steam after work to helping a friend through a tough time, much like any other group-based activity, gaming groups are a support network.

To that end, here are some people and projects that could use a little love. Go support them!

  • The Avatar Legends Kickstarter launched today! Go be a part of this amazing world coming to Tabletop Gaming! (Also, there are quickstart rules you can snag!)
  • Hope For TTRPGs is a fantastic account/channel/group that pays it forward. They support the community as a whole and are a positive force in gaming! Help them grow to help others!
  • Tabletop Knights is an organization devoted to utilizing Tabletop RPGs for the good of communities!
  • Although it is not a Tabletop RPG-based charity, I’m a huge fan of one of my local ones. Tony’s Place is a Houston-based charity helping homeless LGBTQ youths! They provide drop-in services and support to people trying to make a better life for themselves.

This list is far from exhaustive. For the most part, Tabletop RPGs feature the players being heroic. This heroism isn’t limited to the table, instead, we can be heroic in everyday life. Support those in need and shift that alignment towards your favorite good.

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What are some of your favorite ways to support your community?

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