RPG A Day 2021 Day 2: Map

In Our Last Session

Saving Santa was a fun scenario to share, but let’s get past our introduction session into the reeds of real adventure! And what does adventure need? Location, location, location.


Whether you use minis or play the theater of the mind, maps are an important element of almost any RPG. I personally love to just peruse and plan using maps I find almost anywhere. From cities to dungeons, layouts of locations are a wellspring of inspiration. Tons of amazing cartographers, like the talented Alyssa Faden craft gorgeous locales like this coastal wonder, Dubrovnik!


Fantasy towns like Sandpoint (pictured below) can really be their own character. If your players learn the vibe of a town it can go a long way to making the world seem real to them!

With location maps, these are the stage of the play you are directing. While within Sandpoint, your players can visit the Kaijitsu Glassworks (shown below), and have a smashing adventure!

These locations are part of one of my favorite pre-written adventures, Rise of the Runelords! An adventure that starts with a Goblin attack on a sleepy town and ends with the team fighting a ten-thousand-year-old Wizard! The adventure feels like an epic adventure, in part because of Sandpoint!

Maps for combat are wildly helpful in many situations, showing distance and help in planning. They can delight the senses by creating challenging terrain to create memorable tactics. Take this one, for example, it really shows the voice of the Game Master by displaying their unique style and how they approach combat!

Check back in tomorrow for me gushing over the next day of RPG Goodness!

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