POWER RANGERS in SPACE Q & A Panel – J1 Con 2019

Christopher Khayman Lee and Justin Nimmo of Power Rangers in Space appeared at J1 Con and answered fan questions at a Q & A Panel. They spoke about favorite episodes, their experiences and answered some interesting questions.

Power Rangers in Space continued the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers franchise and reinvigorated the brand.

Christopher Khayman Lee played Andros, the Red Space Ranger in Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Wild Force and Hyperforce. Other credits include Safe Harbor, All About Us and That 70’s Show.

Justin Nimmo played Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger. He also appeared in Pleasantville and Saved By The Bell: The New Class.

In this panel, they talk about their experiences on the show, meeting other Power Rangers actors and much more.

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