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Do you want to know how to cosplay Negan? This video has all the essentials… and a special guest character!

In this video, Captain Kyle discusses the essentials of cosplaying Negan… plus the details if you want to be screen accurate. From the jacket to the boots, it’s detailed here. Plus there is a video bombing character who shows up.

Here are the pieces of the costume:
Jacket –
Bat / Lucille –
Lucille Bloody “Take it like a champ” edition –
Ammo Belt –
Bandana –
Boots –
Gloves –
T-Shirt –
Pants –

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Captain Kyle
Captain Kyle

"Captain" Kyle Williamson is a cosplayer, actor, writer, fan and author of "The Elements of Cosplay: The Costume and Beyond." You can follow him on Twitter @captainkylepa and Instagram @captainkylephilly.

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