Movies & Romance: How Well do You Know Famous Movie Couples?

Fandom films often have a lot of colorful characters, big explosions, and mind blowing stories. They sometimes have a little love in them too. From Han Solo & Leia to Jack and Sally, films feature some of our favorite couples. Think you know all about fandom couples? Take this quiz and see if you are a love guru!


How long were Mr. & Mrs. Smith married before they learned the truth about each other?

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The two have lied so much, they themselves are unsure how long they have been married.

In The Lord of the Rings trilogy, what does Arwen give up to be with Aragorn?

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Her father tried to deter her by reminding her that Aragorn was human; and that he would die.

How many songs do Jack & Sally Sing Together in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

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Sally sings a song about Jack but they sing together at the end.

What is the first thing Princess Leia says to Han Solo when they first meet?

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Stormtroopers had blasted through "the only escape route."

In Cinderella, where does the Prince find the first glass slipper?

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actually, his royal advisor finds the shoe first but is later given the shoe in the animated film. In the live-action film, the prince finds it himself.

At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, what country did Alfred spot Selina and Bruce in a restaurant?

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Alfred mentions the same restaurant in the movie as a place he goes once a year.

In Star Trek Beyond, what does Uhura try to give Spock back when they break up?

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It's against Vulcan tradition to take back something you have given.

In Captain America: The First Avenger, what is the last thing Steve and Peggy discuss before the plane crashes?

They do this thing in Endgame.
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Steve asks Peggy for a raincheck on their date. Peggy lets him know next week at 8 pm and to not be late.

At the beginning of Titanic, how does old Rose find out about the discovery of the drawing?

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In Suicide Squad, who does Joker shoot for staring at Harley Quinn?

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Monster T was played by Common.

Movies & Romance: How Well do You Know Famous Movie Couples?

You like movies but maybe you're not too interested in romance. No judgment here.
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