KATHY GARVER / STEVE CARDENAS Superheroes Panel – Terrificon 2021

Kathy Garver, who played Firestar in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and Steve Cardenas from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers gave a Saturday Morning Superheroes panel at Terrificon 2021 to talk about their careers, experiences and to answer fan questions.

Kathy Garver was Firestar, aka Angelica Jones, in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, but is also known for roles on Family Affair, The Ten Commandments, Mom, Murder and Me, Aunt Cissy, Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos, The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang and so many more.

Steve Cardenas is known for his role as Rocky DeSantos, The Red Ranger, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and as the Blue Zeo Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo. He has also appeared in Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers Zeo: Zeo Quest, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Ninja Quest, Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Alpha’s Magical Christmas. He is also involved in the project The Order which features many Power Rangers actors.

To learn more about Terrificon at the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort, visit https://terrificon.com

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