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Are you a fan of comic books and superheroes? An anime junkie? A video gamer? Do you like collecting toys? Can’t miss the latest superhero TV show? Just love the con scene?

If you are and you feel like sharing your passion, then our team might have a spot for you!

We are looking for people to join our team. And the best thing is… you can work right from home!

Select a position or information section below to read about it!

We are looking for reporters, reviewers and writers to provide content for the site. From a news report about a convention they attended, a review about the latest movie, TV episode, comic, book or video game… or just someone to share an opinion or viewpoint about an aspect of fandom… we want it all! Compensation is purely based on traffic and revenue. Must provide writing samples. Spelling and grammar are important! Writers who cover events should also be prepared to take at least a few pictures to include with the article. (In some cases, we can solicit press passes for those covering conventions.)


Are you a budding videographer? Love to talk to people? We are looking for people who want to make videos on… pretty much anything related to fandom. Prefer to review shows, video games, toys and more on video? That works for us. Want to interview actor, artist and author guests at conventions? Perfect. We can provide support and editing for high quality videos to be placed on our YouTube channel, which will be linked from our website as well. As a YouTube partner, the majority of our videos are monetized and you would receive a portion of revenue from any video you create that we publish. Videos can be con reports, interviews, editorial/opinion pieces, reviews of products related to fandom or even comedy skits. (Guidelines will be provided.) Why build an audience on YouTube when we’ve already done it and your videos can be monetized from day one! (Video samples required. Editing assistance can be provided. Check out the interviews and videos on this site to get an idea of our video quality.)

Syndicated Videos/YouTuber

Already have a monetized YouTube channel with content that would fit into our site? Become a syndication partner. We post your videos on our site and you keep any additional revenue generated from the views we send your way. (Video samples/review of your channel required.)

Social Media Promoter

We are looking for a social media guru to increase our presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and more! Someone very familiar with these platforms to not only promote our content, but to engage with other content to increase followers, start conversations and increase awareness of our offerings. Compensation will be based on traffic to our site and channel.

Event Calendar Administrator

This position requires someone with internet research skills to regularly add and update events to our calendar. After researching conventions and other events, this person would add them to our online calendar and provide details about each one. Compensation will be based on calendar traffic.

Compensation Overview

We do want to provide a realistic appraisal of the compensation you will receive. Currently the YouTube channel generates revenue, but the site does not. By adding a lot of regular content to both, we hope to increase the revenue from ads, attract sponsors and increase activity to affiliate programs. Initially you may not see much if any revenue. With growth, this will change. That is why it will also be important to make use of your personal social media to promote your own articles and videos. The more traffic to the site, the more revenue is generated and with more awareness in the fandom community, sponsors are more likely to want to pay for exposure on the site or even on specific article series or videos.

Other forms of compensation may include free admission to events. Currently the majority of conventions which our reporters attend are on press passes and the more reach our site has, the more likely other conventions and events will provide free admission to our correspondents.

So you might wonder… why should you join our team now? Why not wait until we’ve grown to the point where you’ll be making money from day one? Good question. However, let’s say you want to do a regular series where you review The Flash. Join now and you’ll likely be assigned that show. If you wait six months to join the team, we may already have someone who is covering that series. And since they have been with us from day one, helping us grow, they will continue to cover that series until they decide to move on to another subject.

This site and channel have been building an audience for almost three years. We are on the cusp of becoming one of THE sites for fandom. Joining us now as we begin this expansion can position you to earn money talking, writing and reviewing the things you love. Bring your passion and the rest will follow.


To apply for any of these positions, please send an email to If applying for a writing position, please provide links to writing samples or attach pdf or txt files with your samples. For video positions, please provide links to video samples. For the social media position, explain your experience and provide links to social media accounts you maintain, if applicable. Just give us an idea why you would make a great team member.

We are accepting applicants from any location, though all videos and articles must be in English. As we are based in the Philadelphia area, we are definitely looking for applicants in other parts of the United States to cover events in those areas, but applicants from anywhere in the world will be considered.

– We look forward to receiving your applications and samples.