FIREFLY Captain Mal Reynolds & Jayne Cobb Prop Guns Review

Check out these prop replica guns from Firefly! If you cosplay Captain Malcolm Reynolds or Jayne Cobb, these affordable but extremely accurate resin stunt replicas might be for you! Plus holsters and a bonus set of props!
While Firefly has been gone for 15 years, the following and love for this series is strong. So many people cosplay characters from the show. For Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Jayne Cobb cosplayers, these replica prop weapons might be for you. Captain Kyle give you the details on these fake weapons and the appropriate holsters. Plus he shows the QMX dog tag set, which is a great addition for any Captain Reynolds cosplay. You’ll look like you just stepped off of Serenity!

If you are interested in these props, visit
For the dog tags by QMX, visit
And if you’d like a cunning hat like the one Captain Kyle modeled, click this thing:
And get it for $14.99

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