FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 6×15 Reaction – The Governor Reacts

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 15, “U.S.S. Pennsylvania,” details the mission with Morgan, Victor, Dwight, J.D., June, Grace and Sherry as the invade the submarine in hopes of stopping Teddy’s plan of mass destruction. Teddy and his two favorite psychos Dakota and Riley accompany him on his mad quest. WARNING: Spoilers for this episode.

FTWD S06E15 puts Morgan in a race to get through a sub complement of biters and through radioactive hazards to stop Teddy from launching his missiles and raining destruction down on Morgan’s people and the rest of the area. The Governor watches and comments as the heroes try to navigate through the sub to stop a new apocalypse.

Fear the Walking Dead 6×15 is owned by AMC and any footage used in this video complies with fair use guidelines.

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