FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 6×01 Reaction – The Governor Reacts

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 1, entitled “The End is the Beginning,” introduced us to some new characters. As you can imagine, most of them die. We also check in to see what happened to Morgan after Ginny’s treacherous attack. And the Governor reacts to all of it. WARNING: THIS REACTION VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE.

Last season was a mishmash of vlogging, radiation, revenge and the quest for oil. And despite Logan appearing to be the villain, turns out a new group of Key toting rangers lead by Ginny are the real threat. Alisha, Grace, Charlie, Daniel, Victor and all the rest of the crew were separated before Ginny shot Morgan. And we learn nothing about them in this premiere episode. It’s the Morgan show.

The Governor reacts to all this. Plus gives his overall review of the episode.

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