FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 5×03 Reaction – The Governor Reacts

Fear the Walking Dead, Episode 3 of Season 5, “Humbug’s Gulch,” brings John and June into danger as someone decides they would look better with bullets. Alicia and Luci get into a fender bender and Morgan finds a new stick! The Governor reacts to all this and follows it up with a review. WARNING: SPOILERS

Trying to solve the mystery of the biter fences, the group begins to clear them and mark their locations. While trying to clear a biter fence, John and June come under attack. They rush off to John’s old stomping grounds, a recreation of an Old West town. Their attacker is someone who is on a quest to find his wife. Three guesses who this might be. Exactly, it’s Dwight from TWD. You knew he was coming. The Governor watches along with one of the kittens and as usual, gives unheeded and unneeded advice.

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