Fandom Funding: Graphic Novel “Aster of Pan”

Fandom Funding is Fandom Spotlite’s newest segment, where we feature a  geeky/nerdy crowdfunding project that highlights an existing fandom or looks to create a new one.

Today’s Fandom Funding is the graphic novel Aster of Pan.

The Kickstarter campaign describes the graphic novel as a “lushly watercolored original graphic novel by acclaimed writer/artist/animator MERWAN (“Blood and Gold”, “For the Empire”, and “Glory Days”). This 200-page hardcover is packed end-to-end with high-octane action sequences mixed with gripping character drama and a moving spirit of determination and hope.”

It’s The Hunger Games meets Dodgeball.

Sound interesting? You can preview 8 pages of this post-apocalyptic graphic novel before its tentative release in January 2021. (Read Here)

At the current time, the campaign has already reached its initial goal of $10,000! However, Aster of Pan still has some stretch goals that you can contribute to.

(Watch a trailer for the graphic novel here)

For a backing of $15, you will receive a PDF of the complete graphic novel. This digital tier will include not only the complete graphic novel with both covers, but any additional content that is unlocked through stretch goals.

The Hardcover tier is $30 and will get you the 200-page 8.5×11” hardcover, which will feature curved corners and spotUV on the campaign-exclusive variant cover by Peach Momoko. Each campaign copy will also include a tip-in bookplate signed by Merwan.

Looking to donate a little more? Consider the PISTOUVI Bundle for $50.

You will get a hardcover copy of Aster of Pan and PISTOUVI, which is like Dennis the Menace meets Winnie the Pooh.

There are additional tiers you can consider based on your budget or you can simply donate
without receiving any reward! Your kindness is appreciated.

As previously mentioned, the Aster of Pan Kickstarter campaign has some stretch goals. Here are some of the coolest ones! 

If they reach their stretch goal of $20,000, backers will receive a 2-inch solid metal coin with an antique finish.

Reaching the stretch goal of $26,000 unlocks the Aster of Pan Original Soundtrack; backers will receive it via digital download!

If Aster of Pan sounds like the graphic novel for you, then secure your early copy by backing their Kickstarter campaign.

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