Fandom and Fitness Collide in Baltimore

Today was a very busy day for downtown Baltimore as both Baltimore Comic Con and the Baltimore Running Festival took the city over. The pop culture convention is celebrating its 20th-anniversary show this year, and the Running Festival is in its 19th. With the longest stretch of the marathon spanning 17 miles, road closures lead to lengthy traffic delays at all major access points to the city. Some reported that moving one mile on the I-395 ramp (exit 53, inner harbor) took nearly an hour. Despite this, spirits, as well as turnout, were high at both events. 

Attendees of both events became spectators of the other- comic con attendees in and out of cosplay watched and cheered the runners as they made their way past the Baltimore Convention Center. Many runners marveled at the various cosplay photoshoots taking place on the building’s front steps, and even took photos with the cosplayers. 

Photo by Maeden Photography

We can expect good Sunday crowds as the majority of media guest panels will be held tomorrow. Watch this space for more coverage of this and other cons as they unfold. 

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