EARTHRISE Micromasters Bombshock/Growl & Trip-Up/Daddy-O Review

Transformers Micromaster sets of Bombshock & Growl and Trip-Up & Daddy-O from the Earthrise line are great homages to members of the Decepticon Military Patrol and the Autobot Hot Rod Patrol. Captain Kyle reviews each set, plus their combined weapon mode.

Bombshock and Growl were originally two of the four members of the Decepticon Military Patrol, along with Dropshot and Tracer. These new versions are great figures, with some advantages over the original Transformers. Captain Kyle shows their robot and vehicle modes, plus the combined mode as a Targetmaster weapon.

Trip-Up and Daddy-O are homages to two members of the Autobot Hot Rod Patrol. Trip-Up retains his original name, while Daddy-O is an homage to Big Daddy. Along with Greaser and Hubs, these Autobots raced into battle against the evil Decepticons. Captain Kyle reviews their modes, including the combined weapon mode.

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If you would like to get the Earthrise Micromasters toys, check out these links:

Bombshock and Growl –

Trip-Up and Daddy-O –

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